Thursday, March 28, 2013

Graphene used as a platform to observe atomic collapse

Researchers have imaged atomic collapse in Ca dimers placed on CVD graphene/BN stack using STM. This became possible because charge carriers in graphene behave as massless relativistic particles.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Graphene devices go for integration with Si- A new approach

The quest is on for integrating graphene with Si and is a dreamwork for nanoelectronics. In this direction, researchers have developed a new 'manufacturable process integration' (MPI) approach for fabricating graphene devices. The approach can be a significant milestone to enter in the era of nanoelectronics based on 2D materials.

New study unleashes photovoltaic potential of doped graphene

Optoelectronic properties of graphene have shown great promise in next generation photovoltaic devices and photodetectors. A recent study, published in Nature Physics, reveals the highly efficient conversion of light into free electron-hole pairs through tetrahertz probe measurements. The results are very promising and enable great future for highly efficient optoelectronic applications of graphene.

Just for new experimentalists :-)

It's a long time, I have blogged new results on graphene as I was bit busy. To give it a start, I am providing a link ( I know u can it from Google also..) where one can find excerpts from an interview (2010) with K. Novoselov. This is just to encourage students for doing experiments and implementing any idea they come across.
Just do it..