Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dual gated bilayer graphene shows photothermal response

Graphene is seen as a potential candidate for photodetection applications. Now, the researchers have studied dual gated bilayer graphene to observe the gating effect on its photothermal response. They have found a significant role of hot electron thermal relaxation in defining the photovoltaic response of graphene.

Multilayer graphene shows temperature dependence of far-infrared response

Graphene possesses miracle optical properties with exhibition of broadband transmission irrespective of the wavelength of light. However, researchers have found a temperature dependence of far-infrared response of epitaxial multilayer graphene. The results are vital for graphene based devices.

Flexible graphene radio frequency devices

The mechanical strength of graphene allows one to fabricate flexible devices. The researchers have now demonstrated flexible graphene radio frequency devices with cut off frequencies as high as 10 GHz with a temperature stability upto 400 K.